The Cornwell Center                                            (336) 378-0708
                    For Behavioral Health, Inc.

The Cornwell Center, Inc. was established in 2002 to assist in the prevention of child sexual abuse in the community through our specialized sexual offender treatment program.  We have rehabilitation programs for adults with criminal histories (ex-offenders) who are trying to rebuild their lives and live offense free in the community. We also treat a broad spectrum of mental health concerns including pornography addiction, sexual identity/LGBT concerns, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger management problems, anxiety, depression, stress management, and relationship problems. We offer forensic evaluation and treatment for accused and/or convicted sexual offenders. We provide expert witness testimony in State (NC) and Federal Court. We are available for staff training, program development, and continuing education workshops.  All clinical staff members at CCBH are State licensed and have years of specialized training and experience in the services we provide.

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